Mod Summer

I'd like you all to meet my favorite skirt(worn to a friend's birthday dinner). I was feeling the combination of stripes, flowers, and gold.
After using curlformers to stretch out my natural curls, I prepped my hair with 4 flattwists and the following day, I was left with these waves.
I went into Forever and was drawn to this crop b/c its neutral palette makes it a year-round piece.
Hope you enjoyed the look.

'The stone that the builder refused will always be the head cornerstone..'
B Marley

Taupe & Black Crop- Forever 21 (here, badder)
Deep Red & Purple Floral Skirt, Brown Belt, Chain, Saddle Bag- Woodland Thrift (my whole life is pretty much thrifted.)
Fav Beaded Sandalias- Macys

Photos by: Onyinyechi


  1. Love the outfit, that's such a pretty skirt. Oh loving the make up and hair as well. Mind sharing your skincare routine haha :) xo

    1. thank you..I will put up a post on my day & night routine =]

  2. Gorgeous outfit.. and your hair.. oh Lord. Love it love it

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