Ankara Halter Top

One embarrassing night, I sat down at a public graduation with thousands present and spliit(my skirt was ripped right down the middle of my backside.) My eyes went from small to omg and I ended up wearing my blazer around my waist the rest of the night. 

Since then, my skirt has been chillin' in my closet whispering, 'Do something to me'. So, I decided to upcycle the old ankara skirt of mine and turn it into a croptop.

Here's a simple step-by-step.

-Ankara/Printed Skirt that fits around waist 
-White Eye-liner/Chalk
-Pencil Sharpener(if liner is used)
-Tape Measure
-Favorite Croptop(to serve as a pattern)

--Before you begin, try on the skirt backwards(it should fit snugly at your waist). Then, with the tape measure, take a measure from your waist to your collar bone; this is how long your croptop will be.--

1] Lay out skirt and favorite crop top and trace pattern with white liner.
2] At neckline, create two straight lines about 1 inch apart(use ruler). Then connect the lines on both sides with a drawn half circle.
3] Carefully cut out pattern, making sure to avoid cutting into any zippers.
4] Now, you have an ankara/printed croptop. Rejoice! You will need to try it on, look fabulous, and make any necessary adjustments. 

The neck straps can be tied in the back like a halter or moved forward & pinned down to create a new look.
I've made a few of these and I hope you are inspired to create. Style post coming soon. ;]

How have you reinvented/reworked your old clothing? I'd love to share ideas.

Once-a-Skirt Croptop- Originally sewn by a tailor in Los Angeles

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