Write it down, make it happen 2

I'm an advocate for writing things down and making them happen. 
So, here's installment #2:

--New York- Get my traveling and shipping life together (I'll be moving from LA in August).
--Blog- Add artwork & fitness. Meet like-minded bloggers & a cool photographer in NY.
--Roadtrip- Berryessa, Yosemite, & Mission Peak(with something exhilarating in the mix).
--Spanish- Summer intercambio to refresh my speaking skills.
--Study Abroad- Travel & learn from the best.
--Love- Let myself fall and be open to it. Realize that imperfection is being human & that Bob Marley is right: 

“...everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for."

Swimming 'Round the Brain:
It has been a year since I started this blog and so much has occurred(for worse and better, but always with a lesson).
I remember when I told my sister I'd start a blog. She asked what I would put up. In this year, I've steadily come up with the answer and know that I love: natural hair, DIYs, repurposing vintage clothing, fashion events, and travel. 

I pray that God continues to bless my blog and that it can be a platform for inspiration, creativity, and love. I'll be proud of my baby no matter what.

That's it for now.
 Here are some of my favorites from my first blog year.