The Dramatic Eye- Trial 1

 The trouble I've had since getting into makeup is that my lids are hooded, so there's lots of color transfer or color disappearance once I'm done with my 'smoky eye'. Thus, I've stuck with a tried and true neutral eye. I'm ready to try new things and I'm determined to master and make the dramatic eye happen.

I picked up a Wet n Wild palette to test out looks. I chose Comfort Zone because I was attracted to the earthy, green shade and brown tones. 

Let's Get into My First Trial:

1] I primed my lids(Elf) then, in a sweeping motion, applied the shimmery green color. 
2] Next, I went with brown/bronze in my crease and used the darker definer on my outer corners. 
3] To finish the look, I used the nude eyelid color on my brow bone and added a L'Oreal shimmer to my tear duct.
I was pretty pleased with the outcome and didn't scream when I put in my contacts, so that's a good sign. Here are some photos with flash..
& without flash.
--Wet n Wild Comfort Zone, Worth the 5 bucks?--

-Simple & easy to follow.
-My eyes actually looked different and in a beautiful way.
-Adaptable. Though some of the shades appeared to be too light for my complexion, none of them were.
-The colors can be mixed and matched and add variety to everyday looks.

-All of the shades are shimmery and this made it hard to gage whether or not both eyes matched up. Matte colors would provide more precision and symmetry rather than a mismash of tinted shimmer.
-The colors are not too pigmented; they create a more naturally dramatic look & I'd love way more drama.
So far, I'm pleased with my quest, and know that I'll need matte shades for future trials. If you have any tips or tricks, leave them down below. This dramatic eye game is a work in progress.
Eyes- Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette 738
Brows- Wet n Wild Dark Brown Liner with MAC Studio Fix Concealer(NW45) as definer
Concealer- Mix of LA Girl Pro Conceal's Toast & Fawn


  1. Love the outcome, I know exactly how you feel with the hooded lids thing, I think most of as have hooded eyes lol and it's a real struggle, I might do a very pretty look with gorgeous colours and in the end the colours just sort of disappear :/

    1. Thanks <3. You're right; I never noticed how many people have similar eye shapes..I guess the trick is to create a look that's both simple and impactful without overpowering the eye..let me know how things go & I'll keep trying as well

  2. you look gorg dear
    new follower... :)
    love your blog