I'm so glad that summer break is here. For me, that means more bike riding and exploring Los Angeles. It also permits frequent, peaceful beach bumming. Here's what I wore on a trip with my fam a couple of weeks back.
I love the way this cropped top changes it's form and molds to each individuals body shape. 
I decided to go with comfortable flatforms and crew socks for a chill vibe. 
My hair is an old cocoon curl set split down the middle and loosely secured with hairbands. Just like my outfit, it was very simple & carefree.
I know I'm going to miss the shine of sun on my skin and the sway of palms.
I have been preparing to move to NY, filming videos, and the movie Frozen has basically changed my life. 

Hasta Pronto

Black Strap Flatforms- Forever 21(mejor/better)
Infamous Grey Speckled Crop- H&M (similar)
Velvet Slit Skirt & Brown Waist Belt- Woodland Thrift
Hilfiger Socks- TJ Maxx



  1. It seems like you had a great day! I love the beach!
    Cool outfit too, the crop top is beautiful!

  2. Your photos always come out to lovely and vibrant. I love the buns and your crop top! xx

  3. Replies
    1. thank you..shout out to h2o & my detangling brush

  4. You hair is adorable! Love the look