Lilac Paradise

Once Spring started, I was mesmerized by the vibrancy that appeared in my sight lines. The Jacaranda trees were in full bloom. There's something soft and peaceful about the lilac color.
On this day, I set out to replace my stolen bike(RIP Allegra) wearing my DIY two-piece, a long strap leather bag, and sneakers. 
I wanted to make the summer set the star, so I went with minimal jewelry.
 My hair is an old cocoon curl set. Look out for a post on the style.
Hope you try out this DIY =]

Beauty abounds.

Tiki Top & Skirt- Fullerton Thrift
Hilfiger Socks- TJ Maxx
Converse- Shoe City
Burgundy Bucket Bag + Belt- Woodland Thrift
Hair- Five day old cocoon curl set fluffed out & bobby pined into a curly fro.
Lips- Mac's Ruby Woo over dark brown liner

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