Floral Mix & Turbans

Three things you should know about me: I love plantains, thrifting, and the convenience of turbans. I also spent a few years in the quaint, rural town of Davis, CA for school. Thus, Algera (my fiery red bike) is my number one roll-dog. 

These photos were taken a couple of weekends back on a sunny Saturday. Here I've paired two thrifted pieces: a classic white lace top and black floral shorts with a high waist. This outfit was perfect for riding around my city running errands. 
The shorts were originally a skort, but I carefully scissored away the skirt fold and voila, unique printed shorts! Thrift a skort & try it out (or wear as is ;] ).
Blue Turban- Forever 21 Scarf $4.80
White Lace Top- Thrift Store Outlet, $2.00
Floral Black Shorts- Affordable Treasures $.50
Trusty Arm Candy- Nigeria 
Long Strap Purse- Thrift Store Outlet
Taupe Sandals- Nordstrom Rack  


  1. Great look and definitely a fun way to relax.

  2. I agree! Turbans are too convenient and a sure way to jazz up an outfit
    Lovely pictures