Floral Crop

I wore this the day after the Independence celebration in the states. The top is one of my favorite DIY projects from vonnaslove. I purchased the skirt before I went to Madrid last June and it's become a staple because of its feminine flare and conservative length.
I've realized a lot about myself being back home in LA, fresh from graduating in 2012. My bedroom welcomed me back like an old friend; memorabilia, scribbled names of crushes, and high school photos were on my walls. I sat in my room, where I sat so many years before and understood the awkwardness. The time I have between now and grad school is my opportunity to maximize my potential, figure out what it is I was created to do, dream, and most of all take chances.

I promise you I was just about to point my toe!
I hope you're having a stellar day! DIY for the top on the way. 
Floral Crop- DIY
White Skirt- Thrifted
Sandals- Burlington Coat Factory
Accessories- Thrifted



  1. Your pictures are so clear! Great Camera! I love the skirt,reminds me of my 2013 resolution to wear more whites! You look soft and feminine, I like!