Dark Denim DIY

Not only do the summers in California provide good weather, they also provide an ample amount of time, and for me, loads of inspiration. I've had mini creation sessions with pants, tights, and over-sized tees. Doing things yourself and experimenting can broaden your realm and idea of fashion. Hands-on work is always the most rewarding.

This outfit is composed of two super simple DIYs. The top is from last summer's 'turn your tights into a shirt' trend. -->A small v shape is cut out of the crotch of tights to make a short or long-sleeved cropped top. The bottoms involve cutting and bleaching to get a cool distressed look. Step by step below.
You'll need bleach, a spray bottle, and dark wash denim to achieve the look. Simply head outdoors, lay out your jeans, and lightly spray the front and back with bleach. Rinse, hand-wash, and dry, then you're done! They have a galaxy-ish, paint-blasted feel perfect for warm summer nights and concerts.
Take advantage of everything around you.
Hasta Pronto +]
Aqua Blazer- Thrifted
Light Denim Crop- originally H&M tights
DIY Black Shorts- Mom's (NYDJ Nordstrom)
Burgundy Leather Bag- Thrift Store Outlet
Combative Boots- Target
Accessories- Thrifted & Nigeria
Hair- Pinned to one side & twisted. Eco-Styler for edges.