Summer D.I.Y.

After viewing Ronan's cut up creation, I was inspired to make this summery, cream mass of a thing into something.
This is a size XL button-up that I adopted from my brother. 

The Quest
Turn an oversized men's top into a summer two-piece.

Tools Needed:
Oversized Button-Up

Step 1:
Try on top to get a good feel of where your crop should stop and your skirt should begin.
Step 2:
Make a mental or physical note of where to scissor. Lay top on flat surface and fold at chosen mark. Cut a clean line across, making sure to avoid cutting across buttons or pockets.
Step 3:
Now, you should have your summer set! The top should fit without problems. The skirt will be a lot wider than your waist and hip circumference, so you can use your awesome tailor skills here, or(if you are like me) you can fold the bit of extra fabric underneath and secure the skirt at your waist with a belt.
I love the way the cut/frayed edges toughen up this summer-time, chill fabric. I'll have a post up soon with how I styled this two piece.

Hasta Pronto &

Tiki Top- Fullerton Thrift