Curlformers: Initial Review

After watching Naptural85 review the Vakind Hair Curlers, I had to order them. I literally hoped on Amazon like nobodies business, realizing that I could purchase them at an affordable price and excited to try something new.
They came in a large plastic bag with a curling wand. I struggled to put the wand together, and the hook snapped off. (Effing up my whole mood, lol.) I purchased the Curlformer's wand(above left) at Sally's the next day.It is much easier to use.
Steps to Apply Curlformers:

1) Slide curlformer over wand
2) Section off 1 inch of hair(or as much as you think will fit in the former) & place at the base of hair section
3) Use off hand to twist the hair and place inside of curved hook(facing upward)
4) Maneuver the former until it touches your scalp, then slide the wand(& in turn, your hair) through

Thass it! You're done with one curlformer. 
Repeat 1-4 illustrated below
Initial Review: 
The application process was very time-consuming(took me about 2 hours and some change for my entire head). Step 1-4 takes practice and some time getting used to. I'm sure that if I try this again things will go a lot smoother.
Sleeping in these feels like carrying 2 sets of fresh dookey braids on your head. It's uncomfortable, but bearable.

Now, can I talk about how I love these heffers?
The results outweigh the time consumption and decreased comfort level. The curls are beautiful, bouncy and they lasted on my head for 6 days. I chose to put them up in a bun because I was in a rush. I'm excited to experiment with styles.
Try using curlformers on the front of your head and cocoon-curling the back portion. This will allow better sleep, will cut down on time, and you'll still have the same fly, effortless curls. (This is what I'll be doing from now on).
I'd recommend these to ladies who like to save dinero and keep things interesting. Getting a package in the mail is always nice too.

Hasta Manana.

Black Velvet Crop & Sheer White Skirt- Woodland
Signature Leather Jacket- Sav-Mor Thrift

Hair- I detangled with a denman brush before application and slept with my hair in a pineapple to maintain. The curls are separated twice and secured with a loose hair-tie.


  1. I love the outcome on your hair! Lol, my Amazon hook broke as well. Into like 5 pieces literally (.__.) I'll probably buy another one because of your post :) xx

    1. thanks <3 ..& lol lol, I thought I was the only one, but that hook struggle is real!

  2. I love the result well done !!

    1. thanks! love your NY post, but I can't leave look fab

  3. I really need 2 get dat stuff, d curls are. Adorable.

    1. Yes, they are a good addition to any hairstyle repertoire

  4. Waw! So cool. I have to try that out next time I relax my hair. The end result is super pretty!

    xoxo Gozika

    1. I'd love to see the results..application would be much quicker on relaxed hair
      & thanks =]

  5. Oh my god - I want these!! Creates such amazing curls.