Nigeria, my #1

Today marks Nigeria's 53rd year of independence. Every year I dress up: don ankara or slide a couple of chunky jewels over my wrists. I wanted to keep things fresh and streamlined this year, so I paired an earth green top with white trousers and heels. 
I took these shots with a new tri-pod. Next up, a shutter release remote ;]
My bag was purchased from Davis' Whole Earth Festival and I plan on using it when I travel. 
I really do love my origins. I pray for renewal and revival within as well as a chance to return to the humidity and palm trees sometime soon.

Stay true to yourself, celebrate all that you are, and those who have come before you.

 Green Top & Heels- Forever 21
White Pants- Sav-Mor
Handmade Leather Side Bag- Davis
Hair- Cocoon Curls that got wet in the shower & pulled into a pony.
- I'm starting a new job at an elementary school tomorrow and I'm planning on having this style be my first intro. It makes me look younger and slightly curvier. I prefer it to my wigs because it's much more carefree.


  1. Wonderful look...I like your blog.^^
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  3. Love your shoes and you look good! :-)

    1. Thank you Missy..checking out your blog