Africa Fashion Week LA- My Favorite Looks/Recap

AFWLA Night 2- Josefa Dasilva Spring 14.

I attended AFWLA last October and this year helped style their 2013 campaign shoot --> My favorite looks from the set. Loved Saturday night's designers this year & I look forward to their 2014 show.
The first night of shows featured African dance, the lovely host Bria Myles, and emerging designers like Josefa Dasilva (shown above).
On the 3rd night, I was captured by a guest's headwear and enjoyed Della's collection: simple, yet well-made and impressive. I also loved the fit of David Giampiccolo's white, sheer schizo look(above): on trend and cohesive.
Judith Heard of 2Africangirls was a stunner and so were the head/body pieces shown by Franci Jewelery.
 Maryzo Designs closed the show with masterfully crafted dresses and separates. She is shown in a blue/orangy jumpsuit(fire) and resides in Sierra Leone.
I'm proud of my sister and her business partner for starting Africa Fashion Week in Los Angeles. It has great growth potential and adds a splash of creativity and culture to the LAFW scene.
Watch this dope recap of AFWLA 13!



  1. lovely event.
    proudly african.

  2. Everything looks so amazing, that head piece is brilliant. And all of the models look great!

    1. gracias k.c.
      yes, def love love the jewelery

  3. oh african fashion week is so beautiful! i can never get over the colours and the head pieces x

  4. Love the styles and hats that people are wearing. So proud of the kind of work that designers are getting into :) Loving it!

    xoxo Gozika

  5. This is so beautiful, I wish I heard about it!

    1. AFWLA 14 will take place next year during LA Fashion Week(Oct)..hope to see you both =]