Summer Reminisce

Here are shots from the African Food & Wine Festival + a Greek Cultural Event that took place sometime in August/September. I miss summer's park festivals, ice cream, and general long day bliss. 

Mahogany complected visages, colorful patterns, and bomb food.

Admission: I appreciate all humans and the shades they come in, but I really cannot contain my love for brown skin. The tones I admire and desire most are deep, dark hues. 

I kept it casual and paired an orange tank with a linen skirt and my go to sandals.
 I hope you're enjoying life's small and grand moments. 

Here are my October Goals/Challenges:

-Spend time outdoors/with nature.
    - Reflect and appreciate.
    - Attend a theatre play.
    - Less judgement and less perfection. (Because imperfection is so beautiful.)

Floral Crown- DIY here
Orange Tank, Burgundy Cross-Body, Belt, & White Linen Skirt-Affordable Treasures
Sandalias- Burlington


  1. Nice! I like ;)

    xoxo Gozika

  2. It looks like fun and amazing food!

    oh btw I'm not attending any LAFW this week due to midterms the upcoming week. But I am attending the Red Valentino event tomorrow hosted by Aimee Song. If you end up at that it would be great to meet a fellow blogger


    1. didn't make the event @ south coast ..hope to see you in the future
      stay fabulous Violet

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