Autumn Prints

Autumn is here and it's not afraid to show it's colors.
Here I've paired my denim Levi's & overcoat with a bold print & bandana. I do miss the beauty of Northern California during the fall, but LA's sunshine makes up for it all.
I was so excited to take these. My brother, who I love dearly, had returned home from university & resumed being my photographer for the weekend. I dressed casually for a day shopping with a friend and added wedges for height. Oh, & I had a dance session.
Recognize nature's growth & motion and let it be inspiration.
 Fall will always be my favorite season.
  Hasta Pronto

High Waisted Denim, Jean Top, Roma Bandana- Sav-Mor Thrift
Coach Saddle Bag- Woodland
Cheetah Printed Tank- Sister
Wedges- Target (Similar here)
Hair- Four day old Cocoon Curls from this post gathered into a ponytail. 


  1. I love the denim shirt and the pictures are pretty

  2. ahh love the way your photos come out EVERY TIME. Outfit is on point as well <3 it

    1. thanks so much +]
      all the cred goes to my bro