NY- 7 Brooklyn Chillin'

On my last day in NY I rented a bike for half a day, met with an old friend for coffee and then road from Times Square down to the Brooklyn Bridge. (Pure exhilaration standing up on the bridge looking out onto the city).  

I felt like a real New Yorker weaving through traffic with wind in my hair and determination on my face then got to see the majestic Brooklyn Bridge. The perfect ending to my NY trip.
I feel so blessed to have made this trip and I thank God for friends and for allowing me to fulfill almost all of my summer goals.
Outfit Details:
Black Bodysuit, Chain, & High Waist Shorts- Affordable Treasures
Socks- Journeys
Flats- Burlington Coat Factory
Hair- Flat-Twist Out


  1. Oh gosh your bod is banging in shape!! Oh is that Diane, she lives in NYC? Cool

    1. Thanks Sana =]..You are the one with the awesome figure & yes, it's Diane! I want to go back & see her on Broadway