NY 2 & 3

I spent my second day interning in the Chelsea area for a fashion show. I enjoyed wandering around the cute streets much more than the actual interning. We directed some of the models, but didn't do much, so I spent the majority of the time staring out of the window at the high-line, stoops, and beautiful gardens.
Chelsea seems suitable for the rich, bike-riding, new-age hipster.
On the third day I woke up rejuvenated and spent some time in the Union Square area.
Then I made my way over to Grand Central Station and later Times Square(A bunch of lights, people and advertisements, lol tourist trap). 
 I met a friend in Williamsburg, had some bomb pizza, chilled on a rooftop overlooking Manhattan(two nights before 9/11's anniversary), and then walked down next to East River. 

Such a great night.

Outfit Details:
Marlins Baseball Top, Levis, & Polo Ralph Lauren Bodysuit- Thrifted
Flatform Sandals- Forever 21

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