Captured by NY

I spent 7 days in New York interning for fashion week, walking endlessly, eating way too many baked goods and falafel sandwiches, gazing up at historical brilliance, smiling at the kindness of strangers, sweating in sticky subways, and finally, falling in love with the city.
Below are some of the shots I took on my birthday before traveling. Some of my favorite moments in NY were captured on my i-phone and I'll try and include a few. It was great traveling solo because I allowed myself to be vulnerable and engage with people I'd never met. The freedom I felt and tangible sense of danger brought on exhilaration and from my creased shirt to my painted toes, I was living.
My first day in New York was bananas! I took an overnight flight and landed around 6AM at JFK. My bag did not make it to New York(no clothing/makeup) and my debit card didn't work in NY's machines. With 20 in my pocket, honey, I just about threw my hands up right there! I kept my composure and quickly adopted the no-nonsense busy New Yorker look while I deciphered the maps that connected with the Long Island Rail Road (I stayed with my aunt and her fam in the beautiful suburb community of Millbrook.) 

I made it to my aunt's place, showered and then rushed to Jamaica Center to get to Brooklyn for a fashion/design internship.(Did not factor in sleep, lol.) The designer I was working with had a hippie/Whole Earth Festival-type vibe. I loved the decor in the space and was tasked with shooting some of the designer's fabric, creating headbands, and organizing RSVPs for the show. 
We drove(the designer and I) from Brooklyn into Manhattan as the sun was midway down the sky and my eyes landed upon the gorgeousness that is the NYC's skyline. That's when I was captured and fell in love. Got some shots through the sunroof and was awoken by the sea breeze and bustle. 

I made it to Cosmic NYFW, the event I blogged about earlier here and felt out of place without my makeup & attire, but the people there were lovely and made me feel better.
After the event I took in the sights, smells and vibe of NY: walking up Broadway, ducking in to some shops and then concluding my night with my first slice of pizza and chill-time at Washington Square Park(I can't wait to see Paris' Arc de Triomphe.) 
I was really happy to be there, even though I was dead-tired and penniless, I blinked away tears and smiled on my 2 hr journey back to Long Island. My intro to New York was nothing like I could have ever imagined, but I loved it and wanted more.
Stay tuned for days 2-7 of my NY series. 

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