Coney Island Queen- NY 5 & 6

 By day 5, I was loving every moment and decided to catch the train to Penn Station & hit up the Lincoln Center. Took a snap or two at around midday and then headed to the beach to cool down.
Bought some reasonably priced and delicious fruits in the Brighton Beach area and experienced my first East Coast beach + boardwalk. (According to my aunt, I must come back and visit Long Beach & the Hamptons.)
 Fell in love with the beautiful Bryant Park.
I played a mean round of ping-pong with a fellow volleyball player who quickly became a friend & a couple of his guys. Then I relaxed & took in the night's sights.
 I love the way the city is alive at night and there's always someone to talk to and people to see.
Day 6 was the only day that it rained. I stayed in with my aunt who'd just returned from Paris, saw my cousin play soccer, & ended the night with family dinner.

NY Revelations:
-I'm not very keen on steaming/ironing clothing (laughing at my stylist dreams)
-I prefer the 'rough' neighborhoods & sometimes I'm too fearless for my own good
-I'd much rather be inside NYFW than trying super hard to get photographed outside
-New Yorker's don't like sand(some)
-I'm scared of the Coney Island clown
-My appetite for scones & general baked goods cannot be quelled 

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