Here I'm protective styling with a glueless lacefront curly wig and my favorite shades of neutral green.
 Beyond the outfit, I appreciate the craftmanship and time that went into these photos. My brother, who started with a baby hand-held Canon, has become a master and I'm glad to watch him glow and flourish.
 As for my outfit this day, I wore skirt and crop top combo with leather and heels to edge it up. I tend to go for the at ease looks, even when I'm semi-polished. It's a natural pairing.
More to come. xoxo
Muted Evergreen Crop-Top & Black Heels- Forever 21
Salmon Beaded Necklace- Ghana
Mint Green Skirt- Rainbow
All Leather Satchel & Embroidered Leather Jacket- Sav-Mor Thrift


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