While earning my masters degree, I had ample time to explore my personal style, curate a working wardrobe, and purchase timeless pieces. One of those were my soft, grey leather Dr. Marten boots.
 I paired them here with a swing dress, black silk overlay, a grey skirt, and tights for warmth. 
 Since organizing my wardrobe, and pairing it down to about 50 pieces, I have donated all of the items I'm pictured in here. All except my beautiful docs!
 I'm reminded of a 90's ad when I think about this look: "She used to be conservative, then she got those shoes."

More love on the way.
Black Silk Cami- Affordable Treasures
Swing Dress- H&M
Grey Tennis Skirt- Forever 21
Gold and Ivory Beaded Necklace- Ghana
Dr. Martens Pascal Boot- Nordstrom (here
Hair: Protective styling with glueless wig and minimal leave-out.

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