Spring D.I.Y. Home Decor- Wall Art

A trip to the beach with one of my favorites inspired me to create diy home decor for Spring. The waters motion and the overcast, sunny haze brought me into me feelings and in turn, rustled up my creative side.
 I started with a yellow and white bouquet of flowers from the dollar tree, then took the bouquets apart: separating the stems, leaves, and blooms using a scissors and my hands.
 I placed the green pieces towards the bottom to act as a base for my wall art, then moved upward sticking each piece on with small slivers of clear tape. I stepped back often, and allowed myself to place with freedom until all the flowers were gone and I was satisfied.
 A Spring photoshoot was the only fitting outcome to celebrate my on-the-fly wall art. 
I hope you enjoyed and try this D.I.Y out. Video on the process will be out soon on NDIDIAMAKA.

Makeup Details:
Foundation- MAC Matchmasters 8.5
Bronzer- Ebony Bronze Queen Collection
Lips- MAC Brown Matte Eyeshadow (same as crease)
Contour/Highlight- LA Colors Mahogany and Fawn
Mascara- Estee Lauder's Sumptuous

Havana Twists in Color 1 by me using Black & Gold brand hair

1 comment:

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