I traveled to New York to explore one of Columbia's graduate programs and stayed in Harlem.
Styled my hair on my redeye and here's what came of four flat-twists.

My experience was much more relaxing this time around because I stayed in Upper Manhattan and avoided the strenuous Long Island commute from my last visit.
Here's what my eyes danced into as I emerged from the subway's 116th exit.
Visited the garden at St. John the Divine wearing a pleated skirt, white top, leather jacket, and tights for warmth. Everything, except the sneakers and my smile, was thrifted.
 First day in Harlem was good minus being locked out of my friend's apartment for 30 minutes because doors in NY(similar to doors in Madrid) are heavy and tricky.
Ended the night watching the sun set at Riverside Park, buying grapes from a street vendor, and then catching up on sleep in a super comfy bed.

Leather Bomber, Burgundy Pleated Skirt, & Denim Jacket/Shorts- Sav-Mor Thrift
White Collared Top & Gold Chain- Woodland Thrift
Nikes(that you will be seeing and loving in every NY post)- Nordstrom Rack (here)
Hair- Styled with Giovanni's Direct Leave-In and water creating a fluffy fro. Updated hair routine and feature by the lovely Fola, here.


  1. great look, hope you find a good graduate program! x

  2. Cool, I had applied there for journalism during my last year of undergrad, however it wasn't meant to be. I hope all works well for you!

    1. Thank you for the support!
      ..& I can see you doing something publicly
      wether it be Journalism or public have such a presence