On my second day in NY, I was so set on not being cold, so I layered a fitted dress, black midi, and plaid overcoat for something smart yet flexible.
Hair wise, I pulled my flat-twist out up into a bun with a single band and slept with my hair in a pineapple. In the morning, I let some of the steam from the shower work its magic. I was definitely pleased with the way my hair was behaving, and hope my strands weren't just playing with my emotions.(lol)
 Day Three:

Visited the absolutely gorgeous Cathedral, St. John the Divine, for Palm Sunday then spent the day in Grenwich Village/ Long Island City. 

I wore lace-trimmed crop and skirt with a side swept do.
I could get used to this for sure.
Days 4/5 coming for you. 
(emoji kiss face)

Plaid Jacket- Affordable Treasures
Jersey Midi- Target
Black & White Dress- Charlotte Russe
Nikes- Nordstrom Rack

Black Top and Leather Jacket- Sav-Mor Thrift

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