Cut It Out

I love cut-outs and their ability to show a little unexpected skin. I've seen the trend in crop and dress form at popular retailers and I decided to try making my own cut-out top with an old body-suit.

 I approached it as an art project and had fun with the geometric shapes I chose to accentuate the skin around my waist and near my clavicle. 

To do it yourself, you'll need:
White Liner/Chalk
Ruler (for precision) 
Don't be afraid to experiment with shapes, and always remember to highlight your best features. (If you've got killer arms, spice up a top with vertical cut-outs on your upper arm/biceps. That would look divine on a black long-sleeved crop.)
I loved the way this project turned out. It's a little more revealing than I had anticipated. I'd suggest to draw out the cut-outs at a smaller scale than you envision them to be on your body. The fabric I chose stretched, and made the exposed areas a lot larger. I'll do an outfit post with the finished product in the coming weeks. I'm excited to try this with white/black solid color tops.
 If you try this, I'd love to see your work & how you styled it. Leave a link below, or @ me on Instagram: nddamaka

Hasta Pronto!


  1. Ah this is so cool! It turned out nicely.

  2. So cool! Would love to see a pic of it on! So my blog just got shortlisted for a Free People comp, will you vote for me? :) Happy weekend!
    Julia from Stylonylon xx

    1. thanks! & I voted for you :)..the post w/ it styled should be up soon