Blue Flor

If you catch me on a work day, this is probably how I'll be dressed: Collared shirt, breathable pants/slacks, flats, and a blazer if you're lucky. I like to focus on the people I work with rather than what I have on, so I keep it simple. I'm ready in 15 minutes (which is miraculous), go with minimal makeup, and my hair is in a bun or might be covered by a turban. On this work day, I paired a floral denim top with bright blue pants from H&M and embellished sandals from Burlington.

Thus far I've had a part-time job and work which allows me to make my own schedule and be a little creative with my clothing options. I work as an instructor and tutor K-12 in Math and Language Arts and ultimately want to pursue a dance/style/speech& language combo of the sorts. I've also been thinking about missionary work and feel that it might be my calling given my tendencies toward and love for traveling + anthropological work. 
Hasta Pronto!
Floral Denim Top- Thrifted
Red Chain Necklace- Macys
Bright Blue Pants- H&M similar
Black Sandals- Burlington Coat Factory


  1. Like the combo (light blue jeans and floral blue top ;)!!! You are so sweet! Hope all is well? Been a while.

    xoxo Gozika

    1. Thanks <3!
      I am well..I like your travel photos