Feminine Edge

I coupled a jersey in my favorite hue with a pink skirt and sandals for a carefree, sporty look.
My brother and I hit up the arcade and it reminded me of Beyonce's XO Coney Island video. I took a couple of shots inside and had fun doing it.
Afterwards we added some shopping into the mix and I was A1.
When I first picked up this jersey, I was worried about the fit and its boxy shape. I've found that make-shift cropping the top under a sports bra gives it some feminine edge or simply knotting it like I've done here can give it some interest.

Aqua Blue Jersey- Sav-Mor Thrift
Pink Bottom- Mall in Long Island
Sandalias- Here
Chains- Berkely Flea Market & Umuahia

He's a true artist with the photos.


  1. Hey Deedster! I didn't know you were still posting on here. Your style is unique and I love it. Keep it up!