Sheer Purple

My mind is in NY. My body & clothing choices are still in California. Hence the sheer, boheme vibe for this look that I wore out over a weekend. 
I styled my hair in two messy buns with a braided headband--> 1. Take two sections of hair from the right and left side of the head. 2. Loosely braid each section then secure with a bobby pin on the opposite side. 3. Dunzo! 
The braided headband is an easy way to add flavor to a simple look and it can be done with natural hair, weave, or braids.

-The Hudson River has me hooked.
-I've come to appreciate a little monochrome & dare I say, cold weather. o_o 
-I got a job so my account can stop crying.
-My bro said I should be a gypsy for Halloween. I laughed & replied that'd be too easy.
-I'm so excited for Thanksgiving.
-I luh you, pretty much.

"When you love somebody it's hard to think about anything but to breathe" 
- Fruit Bats
Sheer Purple Button Down & Chain- Woodland Thrift
Black Short Suit- Forever 21
Meudon Boot by Aerin- Nordstrom Rack

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