Nigerian Cultural Night NYC- 2014

Here's a recap of Friday's Nigerian Cultural Night that took place in Brooklyn, NY. The event blended pageantry, fashion, and dance performances with community and cultural touches. 

My favorite part of the night was when one of the contestants in the pageant played traditional Yoruba drum.
Here are a couple of looks from the fashion show. The designer, Senami Atinkpahoun of Jesuis NYC is super talented and I love the versatility and modernity of her looks. 
The pageant included both males and females and I loved the way that the community supported them.
We ended our night with breakfast sandwiches from a local spot and endured the long ride from Brooklyn back up to Manhattan. The event met my expectations and I know that it is something I will look forward to next year.
Hasta Pronto
P.S. I'm going to see Wicked today on Broadway and I am way too excited.


  1. You're living it up! How do you even find out about these things. I love the blend of ankara and "modern-ish" pieces. Lovely!

    Thy Bliss Calls

    1. One of my friends from CA found it..I thought that you'd know all about these events
      Enjoy the bits of sunshine
      & gracias