Over the weekend I went to the Nigerian Independence Day Cultural Night and Parade. Before the event, I made a quick trip to H&M and decided upon a fitted dress, blazer, and tights for warmth. 
I love this dress because it highlights the arms and clavicles. I'm definitely looking forward to styling/mixing it into my wardrobe.
I really enjoyed the show and was happy that my friends from California came to visit. We had some struggles with getting lost in Brooklyn, but we survived.
Stay tuned for some snaps from the event and day parade.
Happy Tuesday wherever you are.

Yellow Oversized Blazer- Sav-Mor Thrift
Houndstooth Dress- H&M (here)
Leather Boots by Aerin- Nordstrom Rack (here)
Chain, Blazer Pin- Woodland Thrift
Hair- Cocoon Curls set overnight with castor oil and aloe vera juice.

Photos by: Ngozi