After completing my final semester at TC, Columbia University, I felt like I was in a dim bubble surrounded by schoolwork and memorization. At the same time, Christmas carols and a sliver of the spirit were around me- it had to have been my strangest Christmas ever. I stayed with my good friend in New York, said good-bye to the hustle, and on Christmas day flew out to Long Beach.

I decided previously that as soon as I returned home to California, I would use the money I'd saved up and travel. I flew solo to Paris (an extremely cold experience lol) and then Port Harcourt, Nigeria, joining most of my family in the rural parts of Imo State.

The trip brought me back down to earth. It was well worth it to return home broke. I was happy, and free, and myself. While in the village, I had cabin fever and appreciated the politically incorrect, thought provoking Nigerian media that met my ears after the generator slowed to a stop. I walked around a lot, made a scene at church when I accidentally wore pants, learned and danced many dances, my  skin glowed, and my hair blossomed. Nigeria is home and it is healing.

When I return in December of this year, I plan on making my way into Lagos and meeting the young, entrepreneurial folk. I'm excited about it.

Red Bodycon Dress - Missguided (here)
Coral Necklace and Kente Bag- Ghana (here)
Stripped Top and Tan Midi- Forever 21

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