With the sun shining in New York these days, I've been looking forward to Spring and my upcoming break. I'll be traveling to Jamaica and I am uber excited! In 2015, I flew with a friend from NY to Barbados and I wanted to share some of the travel photos with you. Barbados was breathtaking and the people were so welcoming. 
We stayed at an Airbnb home in St. Michael which was about 10 minutes away from the beach. It was super cute and close to taxis, so we had a chance to visit most of the island and experience the local life.
One of my favorite spots was Accra beach (above). Throughout our 7 days on the island, I styled my hair with perm rods and had few problems with the humid/breezy weather. 
 I would recommend traveling with just a carry-on only to eliminate potential airport hassle. It makes a big difference when going through all of the lines! Fashion-wise you can bring items that are versatile/can be worn different ways to save space and time.
My trip would have been sweeter with a Robyn Fenty sighting, but seeing her house, riding bikes through Bridgetown, and lying on the beach was enough. =] 
Hasta Pronto

Flowered Button Up, High Waist Levis, Black Tulip Skirt, and White Fitted Body Suit- Sav-Mor Thrift
Floral Romper - Q 
Creme & Black BodyCon Dress- H&M

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