Last winter, I attended my first MBFW show in New York. My mind was blown as I stepped into the vast expanse of deep red carpet and busy legs. Unfortunately, the shows are no longer at the iconic Lincoln Center, yet I still cherish this memory.

I'll be going through my favorite moments from 2015 and slowly but surely catching you up.

This night was FREEZING cold, but I wanted to look chic and dangerous so I wore a nylon crop top and tights set. Over this, I added a sweater, wool coat, and pleated skirt. Not my most inspired or functional look, but worth learning from. 
Some of the most intriguing looks from the show.
This babe Kaysha.
I look forward to this Winter and the shows and excitement that are yet to come.
As always..

Grey Wool Jacket, Printed Sweater- Affordable Treasures
Pleated Skirt- Sav-Mor Thrift
Aerin Meudon Boot- Nordstrom Rack