So once upon I time, I endured a New York winter. Haha. I actually rebelled through it. 
 I wanted to throw it back to this day I spent in upper Manhattan with my favorite twins. This is just proof that I rocked with the snow for a little bit.
I wore ankara shorts, a couple layers of coats, boots, and a scarf on this frosty evening.
Hopefully this post brings you a comforting winter chill during these warm summer days and nights.
Right now I'm on a plane headed to Puerto Rico. I'll be celebrating w/ my bffaeae (my sister) and I can't wait to share photos with you.

Speckled Grey Top- H&M
Ankara High Waist Shorts- Tailored in LA
Denim Jacket, Blue Muffs- NY Thrift
Army Green Overcoat, Cashmere Sweater, Burgundy Satchel, & Cardigan- Woodland Thrift
Meudon Boot- Nordstrom Rack
(Basically excessive and extra everything b/c Winter is so nervy. =])
Hair- Perm Rod Set with jojoba oil and eco-styler gel.

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