I wore this outfit to complement the intense heat that graced NY today. I'm the type that always gets cold so this heat is heaven for me (provided a bit of ac every now and then). 
I paired a sheer button-down with a velvet crop and high waisted Levis for a casual, 'off to class' look. All items worn (minus the huarache sandals) are thrifted. 
I've just finished work at Columbia and I have so much new found freedom that I don't know what to do with myself. Have any hobby/ DIY ideas I could work on? I so need a sewing machine here! 
Summer Happenings:
  Puerto Rico
  LA/Bay Adventures
 Ankara/Basic DIYs
Fitness (Tighten & Tone)
Finish paintings/drawings
Write to friends

Magenta Sheer Button Down & High Waist Levis- Sav-Mor Thrift
Velvet Cropped Top- Woodland Thrift 
Huaraches- Here