Throw it Back

In light of the slight gloom that's going on outside of my window, I'd like to throw it back to California days and a warm sunset.
 Here are some silhouette photos my brother shot at the beach on my final night in LA. I still had in my blue braids and wore an easy jumper, beads, and scarf.
I swear, my heart will always be where the water is. I'm so grateful that the Hudson River is just down the road.
Happy Project Runway/Scandal Thursday! (I'm lightweight upset that my weird P.R. favorite, Sandhya, is gone.)

Blue Embroidered Playsuit-  Charlotte Russe
Coral Beads- Orieagu, Nigeria
Multicolored Bandana- Madrid
Senegalese Twists- Rastafri brand hair in the color Blue.

Cheers to this being post 100. ;]