Outfit of the Weekend- Black Empire

This weekend I felt like I got a proper introduction to the city of New York.
I visited the Top of the Rockefeller with my suite-mate and buddy from Spain. 
The old architecture, red brick, and city-life have made black my go to color. It just seems to be the most suitable in NY. I wore a velvet crop, black midi, and sheer throw over to take in the view.
There was a nice view of the entire city and Central Park from the top. We caught the sunset and later watched the empire light up.
The experience was such a dream. [The green white green(Nigerian flag colors) didn't hurt either.] Everything made me remember how faithful God is.

Happy first day of Autumn!

Velvet Crop & Sheer Throw Over- Woodland Thrift
Black Midi Skirt- Target
Nike Sneakers- Nordstrom Rack
Rings- H&M
Hair- Semi-cowash on my blowout just to see if my curls would return.

Photos by: Uyen Cao, Kristi, & myself.


  1. I'm glad the city is treating you so well. I love it, but equally detest it. It'll be cool reading about your experiences.

    Thy Bliss Calls

    1. lol! thank you..I'm guessing the detest has something to do with the Winter/rodents/smells haha

  2. Haha Ndidi we're twinning with our new posts! I also just did an all black ensemble in my latest outfit post.