Fleetwood & ASOS

I pulled out my grey disco pants after being tempted by the shiny glint amidst my stack of pants. It was time for another round of styling and I was just as excited as the first time I featured them.
I decided to style this ASOS purchase with a vintage tee and flatforms for an afternoon out. They haven't got much wear since I first bought them, but this time they were easier to get on and off.

My blue hair reminds me that there will be many people that I meet who are 'strange/different'. I've had a hard time with accepting other people and I am growing. I've known, but it's clearer that life and love are more than aesthetics.

DIY Fringe Tee & Burgundy Satchel- Woodland Thrift
Grey Disco Pants- ASOS
Flatforms & Chains- Forever 21
Multicolored Scarf- Madrid, Spain
Lips- Wet n Wild Liner in Chestnut 
Hair- 26 super low maintenance senegalese twists.